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Web-Crawlers and Spammers

The most recent and prevalent anti-social phenomenon to appear on the Internet is the "web-crawler", a piece of software that crawls through sites, reads the HTML and extracts any email addresses it finds there. With this information it can build up a huge database of email addresses, to which the unscrupulous spammers will send all those annoying emails about investment in Nigerian money-laundering scams and penile enlargement products.

Unfortunately, the Encompass website has been a victim of such activities in the recent past, with the Board, staff and some selected members being subject to a barrage of this unwanted and often pornographic spam. Therefore this site has been modified to prevent web-crawlers from obtaining email addresses.

Part of the mechanism we are using to circumvent web-crawlers is to remove all email addresses from the HTML code. This means that all email addresses shown on this site will not worked if clicked on, and cannot be copied from this website directly. You will not be able to cut-and-paste the text from the page, and a warning message to this effect may appear if you hover the mouse long enough. We recommend instead that you write or type the email addresses as they appear on the screen.

The Encompass Webmaster apologises if this is inconvenient for you, but your privacy and our propriety are of paramount concern.

Email Address Privacy

Encompass Australia does not publish, trade, sell or in any way deliberately reveal member email information that it holds. Not only would this be a breach of the appropriate Privacy Acts in Australia, it would also be foolish for Encompass

to give away one of its most valuable assets. If you think there has been a breach of privacy with regard to email, please let the Encompass office know immediately.

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